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The Walmart Launch Sale

Make your greatest escape for $4.99 or less! KOBO and Walmart have launched Walmart eBooks. I’m excited to share that six of my novels have been included in a month-long promotion (US only), which runs from August 22nd, to September 18th, 2018. If you have not read my books, this is a fantastic opportunity to try my novels. I have given the books an … Read More The Walmart Launch Sale


A Heart across the Ocean

A Heart across the Ocean was officially released on February 6, 2018. I wish to acknowledge and thank my beta readers, authors Brenda Sinclair and Katie O’Connor, for reading my novel prior to publication. This is what they had to say about my latest release: “Shake hands with a bit of Canadian history as Ms. Kassian takes her readers along on Madeleine’s gruelling ocean … Read More A Heart across the Ocean


An introduction to my latest Release

I feel like I had to cut the weeds to permit the flowers to shine through!


A letter from a Friend

“The Story was well told and, as usual, your prose was spot on.”


Available now: A Sacrifice for Love

Love is… Worth the sacrifice!

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