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February 2018

A Heart across the Ocean

A Heart across the Ocean was written to commemorate Canada’s 150th birthday. The story is meant to pay tribute to the King’s daughters (filles du Roi), Parisian women who immigrated to New France between the years of 1663 and 1673, to marry colonists or officers from the Carignan-Salière’s regiment.

While Canada celebrated its 150th birthday on July 1, 2017, the French history of Canada has existed since Jacques Cartier discovered a native land in 1535. The best part of writing this novel has been learning the history of French Canadians, aboriginal people, and some 800 brave women. Many descendants can trace their genealogy to the filles du Roi, which is why they have become known in modern times as Founding Mothers.

The initiative of sending women to Canada came from King Louis XIV, and was supported by Jean Talon, Intendent of New France from 1665 to 1668 and 1669 to 1672, mainly to grow the colony. Filles du Roi were screened to ensure they were free to marry and of an age appropriate for giving birth.

Early in my research, I learned that many women, perhaps as many as one-third or one-half, came from the Hôpital Général, or its female annex, the Salpêtrière in Paris. More an institution than a hospital, it accommodated orphans, indigents, prostitutes, and those suffering from poverty or misfortune. Some notable men of the period claimed that filles de joie, or prostitutes, may have immigrated to New France, too. Claims disputed by historians. This knowledge impacted the premise of this novel.

The truth lies buried in history. I chose to believe that the filles du Roi were brave women travelling to the new world to begin a new life, birthing a lasting legacy for their descendants.

Releasing February 6, 2018, I hope you enjoy A Heart across the Ocean.

May 2018

The Half Mile of Baby Blue

Saddle up for the ride! The Women of Stampede will steal your hearts!

I’m excited to announce that I am writing a book in the Women of Stampede series. The stand-alone contemporary novels are loosely based on The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth, the Calgary Stampede, and include seven great books from seven amazing authors. To learn more about this series and the authors, check out the website here.

Late 2018

I apologize to my readers for putting my saga on hold to write other works. I hope to write the next book soon. The title is not confirmed but I know this novel will be about the mage or priestess.

When the ebony queen takes ill, her advisors craft a plot to place the rightful king on the throne. But what challenges will the true-born son of King Rickard face should the ebony queen recover, or if Daemonis and his son, the former King Lowell, make their presence known in the new kingdom?