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Books by Shelley

Places in the Heart:

A Farm for Fall, Book 2

A Sweet Christmas Romance Collection:

Hugs, Kisses and Mistletoe Wishes

Eight Alberta romance writers have combined their talents to publish this eight-novel collection under the single title: Hugs, Kisses and Mistletoe Wishes. Celebrate the magical holiday season with this special gift straight from our hearts, eight enchanting love stories to cherish all year long. Available for preorder now.

A Gentleman for Christmas

An Edwardian Romance releases November 15, 2021

Books by Abby

A Reign of Blood and Magic series continues with The Immortal Blood, Book 3

Available 2021.

Seeking resurrection, a forgotten god returns to the kingdom of Velez through a single drop of blood. He infiltrates the animal yolk and the cocoon of an undead king, bringing new new life and new worries to the kingdom of Velez.

But when the shell cracks, a new king with godly powers and a split personality desires retribution from the queen who stole his former life. Though he wants her dead, his alter ego, having no care for women either, needs the evil queen to exact his own revenge from the one who stole his life in the first place.

As the Ashburn King prepares to take the throne, how might the rise of a new age affect him, the royal family, or his mother, who has kept his secret from everyone. And will the ultimate revenge permit a lowly-born son to return to the kingdom.

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