A Mountain Leads Home: An Unexpected Love Story

This delightful winter read reminds us of the true meaning of home.

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A classic story of the heart coming to life, A Mountain Leads Home is a stylish and engrossing second installment of her Places in the Heart series. This is a charming tale of unexpectedly crossed paths on the slopes of life, the ethical dilemmas of undeniable desire, and the sacrifices that real people make to take a chance on love. Putting her unique spin on the genre, Kassian has an immediately engaging storytelling style that is inviting, hopeful, and encouraging, for a uniquely heartwarming work of romance.

The Review Group

For readers who enjoy the love-at-first-sight trope, this one is for you.

Laura M, Vine Voice, Amazon Reviewer

Most romance fans will find this book satisfying. It’s best enjoyed next to a fireplace on a snowy day, preferably with some hot chocolate.

S. Palmer, Goodreads Reviewer

Author’s Acknowledgment

Inspired by true events, the premise of A Mountain Leads Home loosely narrates how an accident at a ski and snowboarding resort in Canada allowed my daughter and son-in-law to meet. I wish to acknowledge and thank William and Carrie for permitting me to fictionalize their journey as a couple as well as reviewing the first chapters of A Mountain Leads Home prior to publication.

Book Description

When Australian Taylor Quinn travels to the Canadian Rockies, he least expects his holiday to be challenged by a snowboarding accident. The injury prevents further winter sports, but the hospital stay nurtures an optimistic connection: A nurse, with a finger on his pulse, supports his recovery and takes a chance on what could become a promising friendship.

Working on a trauma unit, Sarah Evans desires more than another critical care patient. When she meets Taylor, there’s something about him that appeals to her relationship goals. Maybe it’s the kindness in his eyes or his jovial warmhearted personality, but an ethical dilemma ensues when her care extends beyond the hospital setting. This heartfelt risk could lead to happiness, to the love she’s been searching for, maybe even a home far away from family, friends, and her native country.

What will a snowboarder and a nurse do when circumstances beyond their control end the holiday, potentially injuring their newfound romance? Will Taylor return to Australia? Will Sarah risk everything for the love she’s found?

Don’t miss A Mountain Leads Home, an unexpected Love Story loosely based on the author’s daughter and son-in-law.

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