Shelley Kassian

SHELLEY KASSIAN, the author of The Scarlett Mark and The Ebony Queen, appreciates the corridors of medieval history and in particular the Tudor period. She has visited the United Kingdom, touring many castles in her pursuit of a story. When asked, Shelley assists novice writers in building fictional worlds and enjoys crafting her own stories into novel-length fiction. Shelley shares her life with her husband, adores her adult children, and lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.


Shelley has completed a Professional Editing Certificate at Mount Royal University, where she received a B+ for a final Capstone editing project. Education is imperative when editing documents. I am knowledgeable in copyediting, but my flair for language construction leans toward stylistic editing. When utilized in a document, style editing shapes sentences with clarity, precision, and grace.

Professional Affiliations

Past President of the Calgary Association of Romance Writers of America

Professional member of the Romance Writers of America

Current Publications

The Scarlett Mark published in August 2015.

The Ebony Queen published in June 2016.

A Lasting Harmony published in October 2016.

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