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I’m excited to release my latest novel, A Sea for Summer. This contemporary romance takes place on Vancouver Island at Summer Landing (a fictional retreat center). When I first imagined the premise, I wanted to write a novel that focused on friendship and a later in life relationship. In Peter and Claire’s love story, I wanted to recognize the work it takes to reach twenty-some years of marriage. I hope I’ve accomplished this.

My first review says that my novel may encourage readers to do more work in their own relationships, and I hope that’s true. Love isn’t possible without building bridges and meeting in the middle. I want to be a more inspirational author and bring joy to other people’s lives. There’s more stories to come in my new series, Places in the Heart. Fingers crossed—I can complete the next novel prior to Thanksgiving.

“…the author sets the perfect beachside scene for redemption, recognizable conflict, and thought-provoking conversations that may encourage readers to do more work on their own close relationships.”

Self-Publishing Review

A Sea for Summer is book one in the series: Places in the Heart. Book two is tentatively titled A Farm for Fall. This second chance story will focus on Anne.

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I also want to take this moment to thank you for your support. I know you have many incredible book reading options. If you choose to read A Sea for Summer, I thank you!

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