Editing Services

Shelley has several years of experience editing novel length fiction and non fiction technical documents. She’s applied her university education to not only edit novels, but also to reviewing technical documents, such as an employee handbook and Master’s Thesis where APA knowledge was important.

Manuscript Copyediting

Shelley helps authors prepare for their publishing journey by editing their manuscripts. The process includes: correcting grammar issues, miss-spelled words, punctuation, and stylistic issues. To better understand the meaning of some sentences, the words may need to be rearranged, so the subject, action or object of the sentence sits in the right place. The author always understands their sentence structure, so if the change is not made, the reader may not interpret the author’s story in the intended way. This creates a bump in the prose and stops the reader from reading. Authors and editors always want to keep their readers reading.

If the author supports the deletion of filler words (weeds in the prose), Shelley will remove some. The goal is to edit and polish the manuscript while maintaining the author’s voice. I would never disrespect the author’s work by writing jarring comments in the margin or by rewriting the manuscript.

Technical Editing

Similar to novel writing, technical documents require concise language with an added focus on the structure to ensure the content is error-free, communicates the message in a clear and coherent way, and organizes sections and headlines in an orderly way. Different styles, such as APA format, are necessary for University level documents.

Editing Rates

0.014 per word or $35.00 per hour.

If interested in Shelley’s editing services, email ten manuscript pages in a Word doc, double-spaced, for an obligation-free editorial review. I will edit ten pages and return them to the author at no charge. If you like my editing and want to work with me, I will assess a fair quote.

All manuscripts are edited utilizing the Chicago Manual of Style in American English or Canadian English. Technical documents will be edited using the author’s required or chosen Style Guide.

Get in touch

Don’t hesitate to send me an email at shelleykassian@gmail.com for those interested in my editing services, or send a message using the form.

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