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Shelley Kassian writes romantic fiction, creating relatable heroines and realistic heroes’ while placing her characters in lively and fun situations where readers can sympathize or fall in love, while adding interesting plot twists that advance the story. A vocabulary hound, she scrutinizes her prose using an online dictionary and engages with professional editors to polish her work. She considers herself a lover of romantic novels, a champion of fantasy; and pursues endings where happily-ever-after earns visceral reactions.

New Release

A Gentleman for Christmas

An Edwardian Romance

In this Downton Abbey meets highlander romance, a veterinary surgeon pursues a high society lady at the height of the Christmas season. Differing cultures and a high-class father complicate the romance. Will a Christmas carol and a horse named Lady Luck make this season brighter?

Praise for A Gentleman for Christmas

“A delightful Edwardian escape. Cecily and Logan are magnetic characters from opposite worlds whose coupling unfolds with delicately crafted tension. Showcasing a wise pen and a mastery of lyrical language, this seasonal read swings between scintillating and sweet, with richly painted players who romance readers will want to eagerly curl up with for the holidays, or any other time.”

Self-Publishing Review, ★★★★½

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For a limited time, you can purchase this novel and seven more for .99 cents, in the anthology Hugs, Kisses and Mistletoe Wishes: A Sweet Christmas Romance Collection.

The bestselling Anthology, Hugs, Kisses and Mistletoe Wishes

A Sweet Christmas Romance Collection

Hugs, Kisses and Mistletoe Wishes…a Sweet Christmas Romance Collection. Celebrate the magical holiday season with this special gift straight from eight authors’ hearts, eight enchanting love stories to cherish all year long. Rekindle your love of the holidays with these heartwarming romances.

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Check out the titles below:


In this Downton Abbey meets Outlander romance, a veterinary surgeon pursues a high society lady at the height of the Christmas season. Differing cultures and a high-class father complicate the romance. Will a carol’s song and a horse’s Lady Luck make the season brighter?


A wisecracking Christmas sprite takes a heartbroken woman on a magical journey to discover the true meaning of love and family, but only if she has the courage to act before it’s too late.


When a firefighter finds and returns a Christmas sock monkey to its rightful owner, he finds a woman with a zest for life. While the romance sparks, a tragedy occurs. Will they get a second chance? Will a kiss under the Mistletoe fulfill their dreams?


Ready to move into their newly purchased home, Jamison Baker and his two young girls discover the previous owner and her female boarders haven’t vacated. Until new accommodations can be found for the women their only option is to share the renamed house, Baker’s Harem…er, Haven. Jamison can’t imagine how he’ll live with thirteen females, especially the feisty Kat Madison.


Mix one scared city girl with one guilt-ridden country boy doctor and you get a recipe for love at Christmas, but hidden agendas emerge that could crush not only their hopes of love but might end Nicole’s life as well.


Poppy Holiday needs a new oven for her bakery. Darius Badeaux has a reputation to shed. The only way they can both achieve their dreams is by winning the Annual Gingerbread Baking Competition. Together. Too bad there’s a hurtful past hanging between them. Will the season of giving bring them together to build the perfect gingerbread house and salvage their careers, or will the past crush their dreams and their hearts?


Orphaned, Melody Blackwell, lives under the control of her selfish uncle who betroths her, for financial gain, to a cruel old man. Cursed for centuries, Samuel Knight is brought to life by the fair Melody. Together, they must fight an ancient curse that threatens to destroy their love and then kill them. Can they survive?

A. M. Westerling: EVEYLN’S BEAU

After a disappointing Season, Lady Evelyn Kendall retreats to Kendall Hall in Cornwall. Her immediate future does not include a husband, although a renewed acquaintance with long-time family friend Oliver Harrington shows promise. When a local vicar offers her an opportunity to organize a Christmas pageant for disadvantaged children, Evelyn accepts, never thinking it would lead to disaster for both her and Oliver.

Available wherever ebooks are sold.

Praise for Hugs, Kisses and Mistletoe Wishes

“A memorable, magical, and entertaining collection of holiday romance novels, the collected works found within “Hugs, Kisses, and Mistletoe Wishes” is a must-read for the 2021 holiday season! Inviting and engaging on both a creative and emotional level, each author crafted a narrative that kept the reader hooked from the first moments of each story, and warmed our hearts as these characters grew and evolved throughout their romantic journeys. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy today!”

Anthony Avina, Readers Entertainment

What Reviewers Are Saying

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Praise for A Sea for Summer

A touching reflection on family, motherhood, identity, and forgiveness, A Sea for Summer by Shelley Kassian is a tenderly penned exploration of love, and a superb first installment of her Places in the Heart series.

Self-Publishing Review

Shelley’s near rhapsodic prose allows her stories to bloom. She is able to capture not only our attention, but also our compassion.

Grady Harp, Hall of Fame Top 100 Amazon Reviewer

Shelley Kassian is a talented author with a lot of potentials when it comes to storytelling.

Karrie, Vine Voice Amazon Reviewer

A Sea for Summer was easy reading—perfect for sitting on the dock at my cottage with a cocktail in hand. The beautiful scenery, romance, and just the right amount of conflict comprised the book, and it was the escape I was craving.

Stephanie Elizabeth, Online Book Club

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Praise for The Half Mile of Baby Blue

A warm, loving story of family pride, memories, values and desperation to save the family legacy. Community coming together, rescue horses, an exciting race and a love story all wrapped up together to make a very good book.

Jane Jones, Top 1000 Amazon Reviewer

A date auction, a giant fair like yard sale, rescue horses, and three determined grandchildren vs. one equally determined grandmother makes The Half Mile of Baby Blue a wonder family story full of emotion, romance and a look into their past.

Susan Kennedy, Goodreads Reviewer

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Praise for The Ebony Queen, Book 2

The otherworldly effects are vivid and well rendered in this energetic tale.

Kirkus Reviews

The story is rich and complex, with numerous engaging protagonists that make the prose dynamic, immersive, and ideal for fans of epic fantasy.

Self-Publishing Review

Lane’s vividly descriptive prose works wonders here, inviting readers to lose themselves in the story.

James W, Vine Voice Amazon Reviewer

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