Shelley Kassian visiting the ancestral home of Anne Boleyn at Hever castle.

Welcome to the home of Shelley Kassian. Thank you for visiting.

While exploring my website, you’ll find excerpts from my novels, an author biography, a blog, and links to social media platforms.

My novels are available in digital and trade paperback print. If you live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, they’re available in store at Chapter’s/Indigo locations and online: www.chapters.indigo.ca.

I’m a writer crossing the boundaries of genre fiction and have written and published five fantasy, contemporary romance, and historical romance novels.


I have called myself an author for many years and in that capacity have been driven to write romance. Largely due to the fact that romantic stories explore a hero and heroine’s love for each other, eventually delivering a happily-ever-after ending. I appreciate all elements that life brings, both good and bad, but ‘love’ motivates a huge part of my spiritual being. Thus, I have always enjoyed a romantic read with strong characters facing true to life circumstances.

I have several historical romance manuscripts to my credit and I have written Christian inspirational romance, too. I hope to revise and publish some of these books in the future. However, my words have also been found in newsletters for both public schools and the workplace, and articles in writing organizations where I have been a member, such as the Alberta Romance Writers Association, and the Calgary association of Romance Writers of America, where I am the current past president.

The Scarlett Mark and The Ebony Queen at Chapter’s Shawnessy on a local interest end cap. Many of my former colleagues and friends still work at this location.

George R.R. Martin is my favourite fantasy author, and he has inspired new threads to twist their way into my current project: The Odin Saga.


I have two fantasy novels written in the medieval period. Drawn to the history of the Tudors in particular, my imagined Odin saga explores the kingdom of Velez, a dark world of romance, fantasy, mythology, and witchcraft. It seemed appropriate at the publication of my debut novel to term my genre: MedEvil Romantasy.

I really enjoyed writing the first book in this series, entitled The Scarlett Mark. The story maintains a historical feel but reflects anything that real life gives birth to. I like the creative possibilities that a fantasy world offers. My characters live in a kingdom where real life frightens, thrills, and even darkens like the approaching night. Characters die and yet still live! Live and yet still die! And while a romantic element exists in this world, I love the horror weaved throughout the plot. But no worries, love always finds a way to bring light!

Contemporary Romance

Recent publishing credits include a contemporary romance novel entitled A Lasting Harmony, which was published in collaboration with eleven other authors. To learn more about the other novels in the series, visit The Thurston Hotel website.

I’m excited to announce my next book: The Half Mile of Baby Blue. This stand-alone novel is part of the Women of Stampede series. To learn more about the other novels in the series, visit The Women of Stampede website, or join us at our Facebook Group page, Women of Stampede Romance Novels.

Historical Romance

A Sacrifice for Love was published in the summer of 2017. I wrote this novel years ago while attending a United church. It explores the love story of a priest and a congregant.

A Heart across the Ocean was published February 6, 2018. This book celebrates French Canadian history, in particular filles du Roi (the king’s daughters), brave women who accepted a dowry from King Louis XIV and travelled to New France to find a husband.

Sample chapters are available for current publications. To see what else is coming this year or next, please visit Coming soon.

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