A Valentine Love Story

Swans in Hyde Park
Swans in Hyde Park, London, England

I knew I loved my Valentine from the first moment we chanced to meet. How many married couples can say love blossomed within their hearts at the very first sight? For my sweetest friend and this intuitive soul, this is where our love story began.

We met in high school, during a time in our lives when each day’s purpose was to achieve an education. My husband was driven to succeed. My life being more difficult, high school became a place to escape abuse. I did not expect to find a sweet friendship let alone love, but this is where our journey as a couple began.

It was an ordinary day when my girlfriend decided to introduce me to her brother, so books in hand we rushed to his chemistry class. (We had to hurry, because we had our own classes to attend!) As I stood at the door gazing inside the room, time unexpectedly quit. I found myself held in a time warp, where only my soul mate and I existed. My eyes were drawn to ‘one boy’ in a room of many students. I didn’t know him, and I grappled with the feelings that clutched at my heart. Feelings so powerful, I felt like I knew him already!

I’m sure I clutched my books a little tighter to my chest while I shook off whatever intuition had just overcome my senses. I remember thinking I was crazy, this experience, or vision; whatever had just occurred was not real! Then my girlfriend urged me inside the classroom and introduced me to her brother. What happened next would change my life forever, when a friend introduced me to the man that would become my husband four years later.

In the Twenty-eight wonderful years that have passed since our first moment, I can still feel the mystery. Together we have shared three children; two daughters and a son, five pets, laughter, tears, many vacations, a successful business, and so much love. I am grateful for the love of my life on this special occasion, my sweet husband, my Valentine!

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Shelley Kassian is a multi-published author and storyteller, who romances readers with her contemporary, historical, and fantasy novels.

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  1. This Happy Valentines Day I remembering the time in my daughters life and her meeting this special person was a dream come true, Lots of love and Best wishes for the day and always.

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