The Bracelet Gems

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An Uno de 50 Bracelet

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but the trinkets worn on our wrists, whether precious or semi precious, gold or silver, sea glass or rocks, leather or lace, or Pandora charms, equally excite this girl. I do not know how many bracelets I own, but each jewelled piece is a semi precious gem to me.

My favourite piece of jewelry is a bracelet; and my friends can almost always see me with varying pieces adorning my wrists. I love the way a silver bangle feels. I enjoy the sounds that different layers clustered together make when my arm extends. I adore the beauty of distinctive beads, shells, hoops or silver bands. Each piece captures a different splendor. I almost prefer a bracelet on my arm to a necklace around my neck, due to the ease of slipping the bracelet on in the morning. A bracelet easily enhances every garment, whether dressing up for a special occasion, or simply staying at home wearing jeans.

Shelley's Pandora Bracelet
?w=300″ width=”300″ height=”230″ /> Shelley’s Pandora Bracelet

I especially love my Pandora bracelet. Each charm tells its story of my travels across Canada, the United States and Internationally to Australia, England and Paris. Each delicate piece reminds me of these trips in a way a picture cannot. My tiny castle reminds me of the Chateaux Versailles. My Kangaroo of Australia, a guitar for Nashville and the Grand Ole Opry, and a flag for Britain. My Pandora bracelet would not be complete without a seashell!

My husband asked me on a recent trip to Puerto Rico what I purchased from a trendy boutique store in San Juan. When I stated the obvious, a bracelet, he asked me: “Don’t you have enough bracelets? Do you need one more?” My wrists always have room for a little more jingle! Plus my purchases don’t hide themselves away in a dresser drawer. I wear all my jewelry, but not all on the same day.

At our Hilton Caribe, I purchased a bracelet from a jeweller who sold designs from Uno de 50. (Cinqo) Uno de 50 is a Spanish jewelry designer, which produces only fifty pieces of each design. I love my little Spanish creation! This bracelet is the perfect summer accessory with all its tiny silver pieces and colourful glass beads. I especially appreciate the tiny blue piece of sea glass that reminds me of the ocean.

I think everyone should add a little sparkle to his or her wrists. Everyone has room for a new bracelet gem.

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