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Romantasy …

A word descriptor that came to my imaginative senses early in the writing of The Scarlett Mark, A MedEvil Romantasy. A word that in my mind is weaved from the fictional world’s of romance and fantasy, but is not limited by either genre. Romantasy, I’m sure, can pertain to many elements of fiction, but to this writer and in my medieval story, it means the following:

Romantasy / ‘ro:man, ‘ro:man’tesi/ Ÿ noun 1 a a classical affair. b a sentimental or idealized collection of whimsical tales developed in the imagination. c a prevailing sense of wonder, mystery, magic or fear, which ignites a mutual attraction in a classical affair. 2 a sequence of mental images developed in the imagination, arising from conscious or unconscious wishes or attitudes, esp. involving supernatural or mystical events. 3 a a literary genre with historical love, courtly love, or highly imaginative unrealistic episodes forming the central theme. b a combined work of the romance and fantasy genre involving fantastic stories, often in a magical pseudo-historical setting. 4 a historical story usually written in poetic verse or musical rhyme, of some hero/heroine of chivalry, of the kind common in the romantic languages. b a fantastic invention or composition: a fantasia. 5 a exaggeration or picturesque falsehood. b an instance of this Ÿ adj. (Romantasy) of any of the languages descended from Latin (French, Italian, Spanish, etc.). Ÿ verb 1 Render romantic or unreal, esp. romanticize. (a romanticized account of Scarlett) b describe or portray in a romantic fashion. 2 intr. indulge in romantic thoughts, to court, to woo. b seek the attention or custom of, esp. by flattery. romanticization n.

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