Make your greatest escape for $4.99 or less! KOBO and Walmart have launched Walmart eBooks. I’m excited to share that six of my novels have been included in a month-long promotion (US only), which runs from August 22nd, to September 18th, 2018.

If you have not read my books, this is a fantastic opportunity to try my novels. I have given the books an excellent discount, from 50% to 75% OFF. Please note this offer is exclusive to KOBO and Walmart.

If you want to read excerpts or reviews prior to purchasing, check out my book page here.

If you’re ready to buy, the links are included in the captions below:


The Odin Saga

“Rich prose and intriguing characters make for an engaging story.” –– A.M. Westerling

“Kassian takes us into a dark world of myth and magic. Her images are dark and evocative and at times entirely too realistic.” –– Katie O’Connor

Contemporary Romance

“Kassian offers a lively and fun romance with an auspicious setting.”⏤ The BookLife Prize in Fiction.

Historical Romance

“A truly unexpected storyline that captures you from the very beginning.” –– R, Goodreads reviewer


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