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The Secret to Joy

An author blessed with imagination should not only focus on the work in progress, but also visualize the success of their finished book.


Kind heart. Brave mind. Fierce spirit!

Grant me the courage this week to lose my shy tendencies and… get in the ring; to be kind, be brave and be fierce!


Career burnout: you can do anything, but not everything!

I knew I was in career burnout months ago. The signs were obvious but I chose to ignore the symptoms. I was tired. Insomnia began. I couldn’t fall asleep at night or I woke up far too early in the morning hours. Writing became a chore instead of a love of storytelling. I ‘hated it’ when my friends/family/colleagues asked me or invited me to be a … Read More Career burnout: you can do anything, but not everything!


You can make it Happen.

It’s all possible if you have the ‘will’ to try.


One must have a Flower

An author must have a little flower for days when the sun is shining but the snow still lies cold on the ground. A scent of spring, a pink petal to encourage sentiment, while pondering when spring might finally dawn. It’s National Flower Day. I should be working, but I’m taking a mental health moment to dream of warmer weather by visiting my local … Read More One must have a Flower


Magic Happens When Words Collide

It juxtaposes an immediate impression on the listener of molecules clamoring together to form a new compound.


Available now: A Sacrifice for Love

Love is… Worth the sacrifice!


A Lasting Harmony and Story Motivations

As a young girl, I stood at the screen door of my life and sang out to the world:


Valentine’s Day, Love

My love, if you ruled my sun and stars, how then would I live?

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