One must have a Flower

An author must have a little flower for days when the sun is shining but the snow still lies cold on the ground. A scent of spring, a pink petal to encourage sentiment, while pondering when spring might finally dawn. It’s National Flower Day. I should be working, but I’m taking a mental health moment to dream of warmer weather by visiting my local garden centre.

Just living is not enough. One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower. Hans Christian Anderson.

An author doesn’t just sit at her computer writing. Well, admittedly, I’ve been writing a lot lately. So much so, my eyes are burning as I lay down these words. But it’s a healthy choice to take a break from the manuscript to write about flowers, while dreaming of the next story seeds to plant.

I’m a lover of Plumeria plants. From the first time I glimpsed their petals and breathed their perfume in Hawaii, I’ve loved them. I planted seeds two years ago, and have six plants in my house. I nurture them and dream of the day when they’ll be large enough to bloom flowers. One day…

It’s National Flower Day. I’m visiting the garden centre and dreaming of days to come.

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Shelley Kassian is a multi-published author and storyteller, who romances readers with her contemporary, historical, and fantasy novels.

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