A Heart across the Ocean

A Heart across the Ocean was officially released on February 6, 2018. I wish to acknowledge and thank my beta readers, authors Brenda Sinclair and Katie O’Connor, for reading my novel prior to publication.

This is what they had to say about my latest release:

“Shake hands with a bit of Canadian history as Ms. Kassian takes her readers along on Madeleine’s gruelling ocean crossing to New France where Madeleine is expected to marry a total stranger. Shocking secrets and ulterior motives abound in this historical tale of a dangerous new land where death awaits the unwary. But amid the uncertainty and fears, finding love is always a possibility.”

Brenda Sinclair, author of the contemporary Carsen Family Trilogy: Tangled Heartstrings, Tangled Memories, and Tangled Intentions.

A Heart Across the Ocean is a trip through time to a rougher place where different rules prevail. A ruined woman, an obedient soldier and an unlikely union in the wilds of Canada’s past, this story pulls on your heartstrings and takes you on an deep emotional journey.”

Katie O’Connor, author of the contemporary Heart’s Haven series, Building Trust, Running Home, and Saving Grace.

The description of my fifth novel, a historical romance set in New France

Fate cannot escape its guilty charge. Should the truth be discovered, the night watchman could detain Madeleine Bourbonnais once more…

A ward of King Louis XIV, Madeleine escapes from a Parisian hospital by accepting the king’s dowry, which frees her to immigrate to New France and secure a husband. Given her past and her condition, she’s an unlikely candidate for the filles du Roiinitiative, but when she arrives in the new world, she ashamedly accepts the admiration of a brave officer, hoping this handsome man could be the remedy for her misfortune.

A Captain in the Carignan-Saliere’s Regiment and a second son, Julian Benoit would never inherit the family estate, so he travelled to New France to serve and protect the French colony from Iroquois conflicts. When his commanding officer forces the statute of marriage, he complies with the edict, succumbing to a pretty mademoiselle, but he’s ill-equipped for her hidden truth.

Will Madeleine accept the challenges waiting to be borne in the new world? Can Julian recognize that this is the woman he’s been waiting for, and take her deeper into his heart and the demanding life of the Canadian wilderness, or annul their marriage and send her back to France, gambling the lives of all involved?

A Heart across the Ocean is a warm historical romance set in New France during 1666. The novel was written in tribute to Canada’s 150th birthday. It celebrates the arrival of the King’s daughter’s (filles du Roi), who travelled to the French colony to marry. Release date February 6, 2018.

Read an excerpt of Chapter One, here.

Purchase the novel, A Heart across the Ocean, click here.

It was a pleasure to write A Heart across the Ocean and I hope you enjoy it!



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