The Secret to Joy

I watched ‘The Secret’ last night, a documentary that is currently playing on Netflix. If you have not read The Secret by Rhonda Byrne or watched the documentary, there’s a message in the book that seems so simple to me.

You get what you put into life. If you want joy, exude joy, but if you focus on worries, you exude worries.

Shelley Kassian


2019 is almost gone. It’s December, the most wonderful time of the year, and I’m aware my written words have been lacking (worries). I passed the 30,000 word mark in my medieval saga recently, and in reaching this milestone, I felt like I’d jumped over a hurdle. I was exhausted. I focused on the exhaustion. I equated the effort to breathlessness after climbing the highest mountain. I sat on the plateau knowing I needed at least 30,000 more words (more worries). I couldn’t visualize where I wanted to travel next, which is a barrier to completing my work in progress. Huh!

I didn’t celebrate reaching my milestone. I didn’t sit at the top of a mountain with my arms outstretched, enjoying the work, feeling the joy, the success, that I had created far more than 30,000 words. A story is taking shape! My words bring characters to life. This is a fabulous effort. After watching The Secret, I realized I’ve been analyzing my writing goals in the wrong way.

An author blessed with imagination should not only focus on the work in progress, but also visualize the success of their finished book. Imagine it in your mind and hold it in your hands.

Shelley Kassian

If you’re not an author, what does success look like to you? This is what joy feels like at the top of a mountain:

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Happy female hiker, traveller, feeling, elation, joy, success, or other positive mood or feeling of wellbeing. She is high on a rocky outcrop overlooking the Jamison Valley in the Blue Mountains of Australia with Mount Solitary in shade and far in the distance are King Tablelands.


The Secret states that a person must “ask, believe, receive.” This message is written on The Secret website. I didn’t even know there was a website until today. Their mission statement is to bring joy to billions.

My takeaway? I’ve asked for joy. I believe each written word will bring me joy. What will I receive? A finished book that will give me and others joy. I hope. 🙂 What’s your secret and what does joy mean to you?

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