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Basic Sentence Structure

Subject + Action = Object of sentence.


Sluggish Words

Sluggish words. They’re weeds that creep into my writing unnoticed. The little beasts who choke beautiful plants and slow the pace of my sentences. I’m revising my manuscript, The Half Mile of Baby Blue. I’ve been meticulously searching for something that can’t be named, a thing that doesn’t show the reader almost anything. Sluggish words taking up space and slowing the pace of my novel. They … Read More Sluggish Words


Available now: A Sacrifice for Love

Love is… Worth the sacrifice!


Commitment and a Need to Write

Commitment: You are what you repetitively do.


Character Engagement

You can write about anything, and if you write well enough even the reader with no intrinsic interest in the subject will become involved. Tracy Kidder

Words inspired by a Genre Circular

Words inspired by a Genre Circular A writer’s mind is a provocative vortex into a complex world. I can’t explain the creative seeds that grow within the stories I write, or the character threads that come to me in almost insightful flashes. However, I’d like to believe there is a link between a healthy imagination and the authors who have inspired my handiwork. As a … Read More Words inspired by a Genre Circular

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