Niagara: White Water Walk

A day in my life––I walked along the Niagara River, enjoying the wild rush of white-capped rapids, as water travelled down stream, rushing through a narrowing in the gorge. Normally, the cacophony would deter me, but the wet noise only enhanced my view of the power of nature and encouraged my feet to walk further along the boardwalk. The White Water Walk is an enjoyable Niagara attraction, which flows a few miles downstream of the Niagara Falls.

White Water Walk

The attraction’s elevator brings visitors a 1,000 feet down (70 meters) to the bottom of the gorge. After which, visitors will proceed a 1/4 mile (73 metres) through a tunnel, enjoy two observation decks, and a scenic walk along the white water’s boardwalk. Plan on spending at least an hour at the attraction. Time to take a 30 minute stroll, not only to enjoy the water, but also the natural environment and observation areas. If you love pictures of birds, bring your camera!

Seagulls flying over the white water rapids, searching for food. (Photo by Shelley Kassian)

I really enjoy studying rocks and their geology, and the gorge doesn’t disappoint with its sedimentary rock and huge boulders that have broken off the cliff’s edge and fallen into the gorge. Maple leaves dotted the path everywhere and the gulls fanciful flight over the rapids looking for treats was mesmerizing. I loved watching them soar above the water and suddenly swoop and dive into the cold to partake of whatever treasure tried to swim by. Regardless of the cool day, it was my pleasure to walk along the gorge. When visiting the Niagara area, visitors should enjoy the stunning beauty of the White Water Walk.

The Niagara Whirlpool Bridge that spans the border between the United States and Canada (Photo by Shelley Kassian)

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