An author’s experience at Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum and former Nazi German concentration camp.

Torrey Pines

Torrey Pines breathes new life into a husband and wife’s travel adventures.

Ottawa: The Capital of Canada

On a day not unlike today––when the sun refuses to shine, the wind blows cold, and the damp seems to seep into your bones––I recall walking along Parliament Hill. The seat of Canada’s House of Democracy, I am proud to stand beside its beauty and architectural strength on this bitterly cold January day. I’m proudContinue reading “Ottawa: The Capital of Canada”

Niagara: White Water Walk

A day in my life––I walked along the Niagara River, enjoying the wild rush of white-capped rapids, as water travelled down stream, rushing through a narrowing in the gorge. Normally, the cacophony would deter me, but the wet noise only enhanced my view of the power of nature and encouraged my feet to walk furtherContinue reading “Niagara: White Water Walk”

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