Adventures on The Queen Mary

Some say The Queen Mary is haunted and if you believe in ghosts, perhaps you’ll sense their spirits as you walk along her corridors. Moored in Long Beach, California; I was intrigued by her historical past. A past that may still illuminate the passageways of today’s ship. Guests will find many reasons to visit, such as partaking in various tour options, enjoying a lunch date with a friend, having a cocktail in the 1st class observation lounge, or a special dinner with your spouse at Sir Winston’s! The ship shares a rich history and I enjoyed learning her secrets during a recent visit.

?w=750″ alt=”1st Class Shopping Area” width=”750″ height=”563″ /> 1st Class Shopping Area


Several tour options are available for guests that journey onboard the Queen Mary. I enjoyed two: Ghosts and Legends, and the Glory Days tours.

Ghosts and Legends

If you like to live your life on the edge and enjoy a mild Halloween scare, choose the ghosts and legends tour. Our guide, Dustin, led my husband and myself on a private tour from the top of the ship, down through the 1st class pool room and deeper still to the bowels of the boiler room. I’m sure it’s part of the show/act, but I found Dustin; slightly odd, almost scary. Warning: he dashes ahead, waits around a corner, catches you unaware, and then…. Boo! I SCREAMED. I know, my husband thought it was funny, too. I’m still shaking my head.

The tour continues with special effects, which I won’t spoil for you. Don’t be afraid to take the tour as the entertainment is all in good fun. But if you have a heart condition, perhaps don’t risk this show. Tour time: approximately 30 minutes.

?w=750″ alt=”The boiler room, where John Peddar was crushed to death at door #13.” width=”750″ height=”563″ /> The boiler room, where crewman John Peddar was crushed to death at door #13.

Glory Days 

If you fancy a stroll along the upper deck while learning the history of the Queen Mary, you will enjoy the glory days tour. I enjoyed discovering how the ship received her name, her place in history as both a luxury liner, a ship used during war times and that she still holds a speed record while crossing the Atlantic ocean. Tour time, approximately 30 minutes.

?w=750″ alt=”Strolling along the ship at sunset.” width=”750″ height=”563″ /> Strolling along the upper deck at sunset.

Sir Winston’s Dining

A night is not complete without a fine dining experience in the restaurant named for Sir Winston Churchill. My husband and I enjoyed a pleasurable evening at Sir Winston’s; our table next to the window and overlooking the ocean. A glass of Riesling, a seafood salad and an ample Ahi Tuna entree. The dining experience at Sir Winston’s was the best part of our day/evening. We left the restaurant feeling relaxed and content. I would travel to the Queen Mary, again, simply to eat here. The food fantastic; the service amazing.

Permanently docked at Long Beach, The Queen Mary operates as a hotel as well, so guests could consider staying the night. I don’t know if I’d be so brave. Some say the ship is haunted….

If you want to learn more about the Queen Mary, take more than memories home with you when you leave the ship and purchase the book: ‘Adventures on the Queen Mary’ … tales of a teenage crew member! Written by Dave Wooders with James Radford. Available at the gift shop, the book satisfies the sharing of historical accounts, stories, and has a great selection of historical pictures. Because I’m an author, I like to purchase such books. You never know when a writer might be inspired to chart a new story on an ocean liner.


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