I’m borrowing this quote from Oprah Winfrey: If not now, when?

It’s that time of year again when most people contemplate New Year resolutions. I’ve written five goals down on paper and as far as I’m concerned, my resolutions are solid. Not some shadowed reflection of a dream.

A resolution for some might consist of a simple thought. A seed held in the hand, but not planted; a dream considered in the mind, but not put into concise action.

What if I lost some weight, I’d be healthier and look better. What if I changed my job because I’m not reaching my potential with this business. What if I change the person I glimpse in the mirror now? What will I become, then?

The fact is, most of us are afraid of change as change represents a fork in the road, a new direction of travel, a new footpath to walk, a river to wade across, perhaps a mountain to be climbed. The implications of this transformation just might be too overwhelming for some to take the first steps. And who are we kidding, change is scary; change involves work, real solid work!

But if not now, when?

That’s the kicker, isn’t it. IF NOT NOW, WHEN?

I think it’s important to evaluate why we consider altering our life goals in the first place. We should ask ourselves what the rewards might be should we assume some risk. The rewards could be awesome! And you know what, I can do it, you can do it, we can do it! If a plan is put into action, if goals are considered, reflected upon and written down, if we only try; resolutions can truly be achieved!

For me, my goals/resolutions have led to real rewards. I changed my life when I changed my job. I met success when I published my first book: “The Scarlett Mark.” In the coming year, I’ll publish my second novel in the Odin Saga, tentatively titled: “A Rain of Terror.” Later in 2016, I will revisit an older manuscript, “Rohland’s Cross,” and consider whether to publish this book in 2016, too. None of this could have happened if words had not been written down into sentences, then crafted to paragraphs, chapters, soon forming an entire book.

None of my goals could have been realised if words had not been shaped into sentences, then crafted into paragraphs. Chapters soon emerged to form an entire book. It was a great deal of work. It required relearning my craft. I took classes at my local University and I loved going back to school! Success!!!

However, the question is answered: if not now, when? I hope your response to a life question equals the growth or rewards sought! Cheers to the New Year of 2016 and the success it can bring.




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