Niagara: White Water Walk

A day in my life––I walked along the Niagara River, enjoying the wild rush of white-capped rapids, as water travelled down stream, rushing through a narrowing in the gorge. Normally, the cacophony would deter me, but the wet noise only enhanced my view of the power of nature and encouraged my feet to walk furtherContinue reading “Niagara: White Water Walk”

Butterflies in the Niagara Region

When in the Niagara region, it’s common for visitors to dwell on the natural wonder of Niagara Falls, but there are other curiosities to explore. On a recent trip to Niagara, I sought out a lesser known attraction. I found a gem––a peaceful and beautiful garden, complete with my favourite little insects at the ButterflyContinue reading “Butterflies in the Niagara Region”

Niagara Falls: A Winter Wonderland

The Niagara Falls are a stunning natural wonder regardless of the time of year. I have now had the pleasure to view their beauty from three separate seasons; which include summer, fall and winter. During a recent winter visit, I found the falling water even more spectacular than usual. From behind a barrier of frozenContinue reading “Niagara Falls: A Winter Wonderland”