Butterflies in the Niagara Region

When in the Niagara region, it’s common for visitors to dwell on the natural wonder of Niagara Falls, but there are other curiosities to explore. On a recent trip to Niagara, I sought out a lesser known attraction. I found a gem––a peaceful and beautiful garden, complete with my favourite little insects at the Butterfly Conservatory.

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The Butterfly Conservatory

The Butterfly Conservatory features over 2000 colourful butterflies, who originate from tropical locales all over the world. On a cold fall day, I enjoyed exploring this tropical garden oasis where hundreds of butterflies sat on branches, ate fruit or nectar from plates, and spreading their wings; soared over my head. I enjoyed walking along the luscious green pathways, snapping pictures of these fragile insects. Many guests sat on benches or stone ledges, perhaps hoping that a tiny colourful butterfly would light upon their fingers, and most were rewarded with a visit!

The Butterfly Conservatory staff are to be commended for their excellent care of this garden home, as the setting for the butterflies is as magical as it is beautiful. I really enjoyed my visit and would recommend this attraction to all who love Butterflies as I do. Butterflies are a symbol of transformation. I certainly felt peaceful and transformed after my visit!

Butterfly 7025
My favourite Butterfly found on this visit. If only he had opened his little wings! (Photo by Shelley Kassian)

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