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I received an email from a colleague of my husband’s, who has become a dedicated reader of my novels. He shared his opinion of my novel, A Sacrifice for Love, which is available exclusively on Amazon.  His review touched me so I’m sharing it with you.

We just got back from a great time in France and Belgium. I read “A Sacrifice for Love” on the way over and you did it again. I did notice that you referred to Jesus as Jesu and assume that was on purpose. The story was well told and, as usual, your prose was spot on. The priest practicing what he heard in confession was an interesting tact. The story is probably an expression of what celibate men go through since priests are were not allowed to marry and you told it wonderfully. As I read your books, I am impressed the way you leave early on hints and the fact that you do not add a lot of “fill” only putting down what is relevant to the story. I forward your books to my reader relatives and to date all have enjoyed your books. We are all waiting for the next installment of the Odin series. Let me know when your next book is available.

I thank Pat for being my champion reader and for believing in my writing. They say it only takes one person’s support to encourage success. In part, it’s this man who keeps me writing!

For readers waiting for my next book, I’m hoping the first draft of Madeleine’s story will be finished by the end of summer. I plan to write the next installment of The Odin Saga come September, and as a little teaser… The high priestess/mage will figure prominently!


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