The Art of Reading

The word on the street is politics and I can’t escape the conversation. No matter where I turn: television, my smart device, or social media applications; I encounter a constant verbal diarrhea of confrontational advertising. The mesmerizing posts are like a noxious drug that feed on me. I confess that some comments are entertaining.

“Wake up, Shelley. You don’t like this. The good and the bad are poisoning your reading mind.”

My creative being has always believed that the world would be a better place if we colored our social words with a thoughtful argument, kindness, and respect. Let’s face it, a democracy works better with frank and honest communication. But everyone’s right. Everyone’s wrong, and some doomsayer is probably already predicting that the world will come to an end. Oh dear! I think it’s safest not to take a side. Although I appreciate the honest passions being expressed, I’ve decided to spend less time scrolling and fewer hours watching news opinions to do something else.

I’m returning to the Art of Reading. Books, that is!

And why not? In a fictional world, I can escape to a setting where Outlanders travel through time, Lords fight over thrones, and Tudor Queens pray for a son. Hey, if it gets too shocking, I can always fling the book across the room. But I won’t fling the book because… kindle reader! (An attempt at humor.)


But seriously, there’s something amazing about reading a good book. Why not join me. Put the smart device down for a minute and return to the art of reading. So many genres to choose from!


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Shelley Kassian is a multi-published author and storyteller, who romances readers with her contemporary, historical, and fantasy novels.

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