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It’s my first work day of the new year and I’m excited to share the writing projects that I’ll be pursuing over the next twelve months.

Rohland’s Cross, A forbidden Love

Coming this Easter:


?w=683″ alt=”mysterious Catholic monk” width=”683″ height=”1024″ /> Mathia Rohland succumbing to troubled thoughts.


Years ago, I wrote a novel about a couple’s forbidden love. Specifically, the ecclesiastical challenge a priest faces when while counselling a fallen woman, he falls in love.

I revisited this novel during the Christmas holidays and liked what I was reading so much, I began the editing and revision process. I hope to publish this book prior to Easter.

Madeleine, A King’s Daughter

Coming in June:


Beautiful girl wearing a medieval dress. Studio works inspired by Caravaggio. Cris. XVII
Madeleine Bourbonnais

The novel celebrates Canada’s 150th Birthday. The story of Madeleine, one woman of many, who travels to the new world of New France to seek a better future by procuring herself a husband. But will the secret she hides challenge a future with her spouse?


The True-Born King, A MedEvil Romantasy

Coming in December:

Depositphotos_12507644_original.jpgThis novel will be book three in the Odin Saga. Why do I wait to share this third book? The second novel in the saga, The Ebony Queen, was a complicated story to write. I felt I needed time to properly explore the third instalment to weave proper justice elements into the story.

I don’t want to give too much away, but given the title: when the queen takes ill, her advisors craft a plot to place the rightful king on the throne. But what challenges will the true-born son of King Rickard face should the ebony queen recover, or if Daemonis and his son, the former King Lowell, make their presence known in the new kingdom?

That’s all for the 2017 year. It’s an ambitious goal, I admit, but I’m looking forward to the challenge!


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