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Phoenix, Arizona

A peaceful silence waits to be found in the desert; a peace that can’t quite be discovered anywhere else. An arid and dry oasis with crushed rock, sand, and various cacti that nestles against a backdrop of red mountains standing tall in the distance. I enjoy the calm beauty every time I visit Phoenix, Arizona. This desert city offers superb accommodations, fantastic shopping experiences, … Read More Phoenix, Arizona

Chicago –– The Magnificent Mile

Chicago––the city where a myriad of skyscrapers stretch toward the sky. Tall architectural wonders erected in a petite New York that give way to business potential beneath their artful frames. A destination where shopping stretches for a mile, restaurants sizzle with taste, theatre wanes dramatic and architectural buildings beg to be seen. Chicago, you are my favourite travel destination. Magnificent Mile––you never disappoint. Chicago’s … Read More Chicago –– The Magnificent Mile

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