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An ocean view as seen from Oak Bay Beach House (Photo by Wayne Kassian)
An ocean view as seen from Oak Bay Beach Hotel (Photo by Wayne Kassian)


?w=300″ alt=”Oak Bay Beach House” width=”300″ height=”225″ /> Oak Bay Beach House

The Oak Bay beach hotel is a hidden gem that waits to be discovered by those who long for the seaside in beautiful Victoria B.C.  A five star resort, it was my pleasure to call this ocean-view property home for three days. Just some of the many amenities include: a David Foster dinner theatre, an outdoor heated spa pool, three whirlpools, a patio to sip wine and enjoy artisan cheese, and a beach where a blue heron warily watched my approach. My greatest pleasures are always found by the seaside. I loved looking across the bay to where mountains stretched white in the distance, and on the ground just by my feet, sea glass and precious artifacts waited to be found.

The Beach

?w=300″ alt=”Great Blue Heron” width=”300″ height=”225″ /> Great Blue Heron

I could walk, sit, or gaze out at the sea for hours. A need buried deep inside my soul to return to the ocean led me to a tiny strip of rocky shoreline, only meters wide.  A Great Blue Heron stood still on the opposite side, probably hoping I wouldn’t notice him or her. I suppose I surprised the bird that scoured the muddy water with his/her beak, searching for something delicious to eat. The great blue bird protested my presence with a throaty call as I clicked pictures of his beauty. Finally, he stretched his massive wings and flew to a lonelier patch of beach.

?w=300″ alt=”DSCN4404″ width=”300″ height=”225″ /> A metal Artifact

Alone, I began my quest of exploring the rocky shore. So many pieces of sea glass to be found and surprisingly, some very nice pieces of dark blue. I found two very beautiful heart-shaped rocks. My best find was a rusted piece of metal that resembled driftwood. Perhaps a forlorn piece set adrift from a sunken ship still lost at sea? Maybe this little artifact will remedy a sailor story someday to be written by me.



The Accommodations

?w=300″ alt=”A view of the heated Spa Pool with Ocean Beyond” width=”300″ height=”225″ /> A view of the heated Spa Pool with Ocean Beyond

You get what you put into life and staying at a four or five star resort has its benefits. Our room came with a comfy bed, bathrobes, a fantastic deep soak tub and an exquisite view of Oak Bay. I slept well here and found working on my novel an absolute pleasure from this room. A room with a view inspires the mind to dream of faraway places, and when you’re travelling and in need of a break, that’s an important relaxation feature. And who doesn’t need to sleep well and dream of far off places when their head touches the pillow at the end of the day?

The Dining

?w=300″ alt=”A latte from Kate’s Cafe” width=”300″ height=”300″ /> A latte from Kate’s Cafe

A light option for breakfast in the morning is Kate’s Cafe. Grab a latte and a croissant and visit the seaside to enjoy. The Snug Pub in the evening was bursting with patrons and the celebratory sounds that waft toward you when people are having a good time. When the restaurant is full you know the food will be excellent! I thoroughly enjoyed a glass of chardonnay and artisan cheese on their patio. A lovely summer night in the company of a special man, and a contemplative meal to match the view of the bay with the mountains in the distance––an incredible view as the sun slipped beneath the horizon. Beautiful. But by far the nicest option was to enjoy the fine dining room. I was surprised that the pub had a lengthy waiting list while only two people sat in the dining room. It was a no brainer to take the table by the window and enjoy a glass of Riesling. When you need to appreciate a slower pace, fine dining is the spice of life. I began my meal with the Grilled savoury vegetable tart––delicious! A specialty dish at the Oak Bay dining room is Seared Halibut with Dungeness Crab Crust-–also delicious! We rounded out our meal with a coffee. All in all, a peaceful, quiet, beautiful evening. (Note: Go to the pub if you’re having a beer with the boys. If you’re with your wife, splurge and fine dine!!!)

The Amenities

If you’re staying at Oak Bay on a movie night, take in a show at the David Foster Dinner Theatre. Desserts and home made buttered popcorn are offered for $24.00 per person. My favourite amenity by far was the spa pool on the harbour edge. I didn’t experience the spa services, but enjoying the heated waters of the spa pool with a seaside view was blissful!

Oak Bay Beach Hotel, thank you for your friendly service. Everyone else, what are you waiting for? Your seaside escape is waiting at Oak Bay.

A lonesome Ship across the Sea (Photo by Shelley Kassian)
A lonesome Ship across the Sea (Photo by Shelley Kassian)


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