San Juan, Puerto Rico; Geronimo Dreams

IMG_1893?w=225″ width=”225″ height=”300″ />I am enjoying the beautiful island of San Juan, Puerto Rico. This is my first visit to this Caribbean island, and I appreciate the sand, the surf, and especially the blue ocean. Whenever I find myself along a shoreline, I search for treasure. I pick up sea-glass, shells, or any other treasure that the salt water gives up. I could spend the entire day exploring. However, sometimes when you search, you discover the unexpected.

Outside my hotel window, stands the Fortin de San Geronimo, an old fort built by the Spanish government in 1609 to defend the island from attack. After my first evening, I dreamt of murder, and a Spanish man screaming. I’m intuitive by nature, but my island bliss should bring peaceful dreams. This is a discovery I never intended to find, but when your mind searches, sometimes the spirits answer back. (If you believe in spirits.)

I have asked the ghosts that linger along the shoreline to leave me alone for a bit, for this is my vacation. However, the dream captured my attention so fully, I decided to weave the threads into a poem. Be warned, this Geronimo is not for the faint of heart.

Your screams awake me in the night,

“Secreto, Secreto,” a man screams with fright.

A violent act,

Soldiers hold your arms,

They take a sword and stab straight down.

Whatever your words,

Secrets shall never be sung.

A dagger, bold and sharp, has taken your tongue.

Red blood, spanish wine, a traitor is free,

A life over, they return you to the sea.

Long ago san Geronimo,

Battles were lost and won.

Memories still linger,

And a writer discovers an island son.

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Shelley Kassian is a multi-published author and storyteller, who romances readers with her contemporary, historical, and fantasy novels.

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