2014––A New Year

2014 Goal Wish?w=300″ width=”300″ height=”245″ /> If I owned a magic looking glass, I would gaze upon the coming days of 2014, and discover what my future holds. However, like other mortal souls, I cannot divine the future; so I sit back and contemplate what the year 2014 will bring. Two resolutions written on my goal list include a slimmer body and a completed manuscript. I have a plan to see these priorities become a reality.

I listened to a speaker once, whose name escapes me, but she said that goals without action were just dreams. A goal without a plan is simply a wishful coin tossed into a fountain. A nice thought, but no goals were ever made from a splash. Goals require a stimulus, an action.

I don’t understand why I have been content to live in an over-weight body, day after day, year after year, with this extra fat invading my organs. My first stimulus to address my weight issue––is I want to look and feel better. My plan to get back into my skinny jeans in five weeks includes the following action plan:

  • Count calories using My Fitness Pal app. (I am already seeing results!)
  • Visit the gym three times a week.
  • Walk on non-gym days. (Weather Permitting!)
  • Reward myself with a non-food gift when I reach my goal weight. Perhaps a new pair of Jeans.

Foremost in my mind for the 2014-year is the desire to finish my manuscript, Scarlett’s Beauty. I could sit in my office all day, dreaming about characters and plot, but if words don’t ink the page, no readers will ever discover this gothic romantasy. My plan to achieve this career goal includes the following action plan.

  • Write five days a week, Monday through Friday.
  • Achieve a word count of 1000 words each day.
  • Plan to complete by March 31, 2014.

There is much more I want to achieve and discover in 2014 and I’m excited about the year ahead. I am looking forward to each jet plane that will take me someplace new. I can’t wait to dip my toes in the ocean. I am ready to set dates with friends for a cup of coffee or an early morning breakfast. I am eager to see my children who no longer live in my home or my city. My dogs are already looking at me with anticipation of a daily walk. And there is the simple beauty of each sunrise and sunset or the Robin’s that will return with spring. Life is simply a trip worth taking.

I am excited about 2014. I feel good karma is coming my way and I hope you are equally blessed!

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Shelley Kassian is a multi-published author and storyteller, who romances readers with her contemporary, historical, and fantasy novels.

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