Le Bouquet De La Reine

To my delight, The Queen’s Bouquet¬†arrived today. I removed the stopper and breathed in the rich perfume, and imagined a time when Marie-Antoinette might have enjoyed the same scent. With exotic notes of savoir-faire and Parisienne¬†history, I find myself wanting to hold this bottle close to my heart!

Le bouquet de la Reine is a collaboration between Guerlain and the Chateau de Versailles. In purchasing the perfume, I have supported the restoration of the royal apartments of the Trianon palace, which was much loved by Marie-Antoinette. Created by french perfumer Thierry Wasser, the perfume is inspired by one of queen Marie-Antoinette’s favourite¬†flowers, jasmine, and the gardens of Versailles.

Having visited the Chateau de Versailles and being that I am a lover of history, it is such a pleasure to have purchased this limited edition perfume. Marie-Antoinette would surely have loved it!

Marie Antoinette


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