Moon Day

Moon day and Monday. Did you know that these two calendar references are related?

I’m focused on writing book two of the Odin Saga, which is tentatively titled: “A Rain of Terror.” I thought my readers might be interested in knowing how seeds of information found while researching, can motivate an author to outline a plot. Recently, I discovered that the calendar word Monday¬†originates from the anglo-Saxon word ‘monandaeg’, which was known in roman times as moon day. When I made the connection between Monday and moon day, I thought the correlation was interesting, and then a blood moon seeded my author’s imagination.

My second novel takes place during a fictional medieval period, a time when humanity still believes in god’s and spirits. A time when a younger civilization gazing at the night skies, might believe that a red moon could be the God Luna or other spirits whispering a celestial¬†message, perhaps sending a warning that disaster approaches, or that the world will soon end.

What would my characters consider while gazing at a blood moon? What will you think about if you are fortunate enough to see the blood moon tonight?

I decided to factor a blood moon into my story. I can’t wait for moon day to arrive, so that I might craft my witch’s acts (Queen Cynara) beneath the red light. What I know for sure is that something wicked is brewing.

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