The Half Mile of Baby Blue



No family can conceal their past forever. When a suitcase reveals a stampede legacy, a new generation risks history repeating itself…

A former project manager, Kit Wheeler oversees a plan to save her family’s ranch after learning it’s been threatened with foreclosure. Secrets found alter her objective and inspire a race laden with conflict. To triumph, she needs a strategy. Her genius sister stages an auction and an attractive businessman scores the winning bid.

President of TarSan Oil, Gabe Bradshaw first learns of Kit through the morning pages of the newspaper. Drawn to her evocative portrait and baby-blue eyes, he proposes a strategy to champion her acquaintance. His motives might be suspicious, but the gal understands his gameplay and it isn’t long before they’re chasing the same ambition.

What distance will a family go to save their ranch? What risks will a man and woman make to reach the finish line? The only question remaining is will they secure the Half Mile of Baby Blue.


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