The Ebony Queen



The second novel in Abby Lane’s Reign of Blood and Magic series “…is rich and complex, with numerous engaging protagonists that make the prose dynamic, immersive, and ideal for fans of epic fantasy.” Self-Publishing Review

A Queen’s quest for supremacy.

A Royal family threatened by vengeance.

A Triangle of Art conjures their destiny.

Seeking revenge, Queen Cynara signs a blood contract with the devil Daemonis, enabling her to gain new power and conjure the highest level of Solomonic magic. Using this mega-spell, she deploys tempests against three princesses, casting a blanket of evil upon her perceived enemies. The ensuing storm inters Ruby to a dark fate, binds Rose to the sea, and threatens Scarlett in a place where she thought she’d be safe from further harm. A lord and two guardians are left helpless to protect their wards and not even a god is safe from the queen’s sorcery.

But power comes with a price and unbeknownst to Cynara, the devil has a secret strategy. When a blood moon eclipses the night sky, Cynara will invoke her magic in the king’s forest. Will her quest for supremacy prevail, and how might an undeclared truth impact the current King Lowell, The Ebony Queen’s own son?


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