FateAn Excerpt from The Scarlett Mark

The night has fallen black and still, but I will not be afraid,
Mist settles over the land and the loch, and a sexton is digging my grave.
Yea though I walk through the wind and the storm and rain pelts over my eyes,
A boat will arrive at my rocky shore and I will prepare to ride.

For the Lord is my master who’ll carry my fate and my soul is bound to his sea.
Whatever crimes I’ve committed here, God’s waves will wash them free.
I’ll run to the shore of his merciful word and goodness shall flow back to my feet,
For though I’ve walked from the valley of death, the desert can’t follow me.

Lord take my hand to your foreign land where the fruit is laden with gold.
I’ll descend from above in a blue current of love, where worries will have no hold.
Still waters will wash and bless my soul and I will lie down alongside.
Goodness and mercy shall anoint my head, my Lord’s home I have arrived.