The Ebony Queen

A MedEvil Romantasy

Book Cover: The Ebony Queen
Part of the The Odin Saga series:

An evil spirit summoned to the king’s forest. A kingdom threatened by the treachery. A queen blinded by the unearthly quest.

Seeking revenge, Queen Cynara signs a blood contract with the devil Daemonis to gain new powers and enable her to conjure the highest level of solomanic magic. Using her supernatural strength, she resigns the escaping Princess Ruby to a dark fate, inundates Princess Rose with upheaval and further threatens Princess Scarlett. Not even a god is safe from the queen’s evil. But power comes with a price and unbeknownst to Cynara, the devil has a secret strategy. When a blood moon lights the night, Cynara will invoke her magic within the king’s forest. Will her quest for supremacy prevail, and how might it challenge the current King Lowell, The Ebony Queen’sown son?

Publisher: Shelley Kassian
Reviews:Katie O'Connor on Goodreads wrote:

Book Two of the Odin Saga, is quite a ride. In The Ebony Queen, Kassian takes us into a dark world of myth and magic. Her images are dark and evocative and at times entirely too realistic. I was drawn in from the start and hooked until the end. And now, I must read the next book in this saga. Is it here yet? Congratulations to Kassian on keeping up the hectic pace of book one.

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