Hugs, Kisses and Mistletoe Wishes

Straight from our hearts to yours, eight enchanting love stories to enjoy during the holiday season and all year long

A Sea for Summer

“…the author sets the perfect beachside scene for redemption, recognizable conflict, and thought-provoking conversations…”

A Bramble House Christmas

A Bramble House Christmas By C.J. Carmichael A review by Shelley Kassian Author C.J. Carmichael warms the hearts of her readers in this cozy, holiday romance novel, A Bramble House Christmas. This yuletide exultation takes a mother and son to Marietta, Montana; a reassuring place where goodwill, a family mystery, and an unlikely hero bids WillaContinue reading “A Bramble House Christmas”


An author’s experience at Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum and former Nazi German concentration camp.

Torrey Pines

Torrey Pines breathes new life into a husband and wife’s travel adventures.

The Secret to Joy

An author blessed with imagination should not only focus on the work in progress, but also visualize the success of their finished book.

Opal Writers’ Magazine features Shelley Kassian

The magazine will include the novel that celebrates the Calgary Stampede, The Half Mile of Baby Blue!

Kind heart. Brave mind. Fierce spirit!

Grant me the courage this week to lose my shy tendencies and… get in the ring; to be kind, be brave and be fierce!

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