A Life Thread Re-Seeded

I have always considered myself a writer, and have a few dusty manuscripts to show for a time in my life when I thought an Editor might take a chance on a writer named Shelley Kassian. The publishing world has changed since I wrote my first stories. In this past year I have rediscovered my seeds.

My writing life resumed when Scarlett, Ruby and Rose, three fictional characters, weaved a plot into my life. When I first heard their voices, I was employed at a Canadian bookstore, and was not pursuing a writing career. However, as three characters visited my dreams, and spoke to me in whispers, seeds began to grow.

I had the pleasure to see Oprah Winfrey in Calgary, AB, Canada, on January 24, 2013. It was an awe-inspiring evening. She talked about the “life thread,” and told the audience that if we followed our life  threads, we would discover our life calling. I valued the moment when she said that we are tiny seeds born from the ocean washed up onshore, but we forget that we were ever born from the sea. She named this deep seeded voice that speaks to us in whispers. Deep inside my soul, I remembered. Within my heart, I heard this thought, “I am a Writer.” Scarlett, my yet unrecognized character whispered, “Write my story.”

When my youngest daughter graduated from University in the spring, I was writing again. I watched her collect her graduation gown, celebrate her success with friends, and walk across the stage to accept her Degree. I heard a louder voice within myself cry out, and the desire to go to school and formulize my educational needs became a goal. This was my “aha” moment. Soon after, I registered at Mount Royal University to take the Professional Editing Certificate. However, how would I achieve this education, and a writing career given the time required, when my day job had requirements too. This is when the walls of my life began to shake.

We don’t always recognize our life purpose, or even have the time to explore our vocation until an event kicks us in the shins or a brick comes flying through our window. An upsetting incident, held within a manager’s office, destroyed my passion for my job to such an extent, that I walked away. Now, I’m not a quitter. I gave this job almost ten years of my time, but now I had planted seeds and they required nourishment. I should thank the manager who abused me, because she is the brick and mortar, and stimulus, which enabled a new journey to begin.

At the time of writing this blog, I have completed 30,000 words of Scarlett’s Beauty. I am copyediting and proofreading my way toward a Professional Editing Certificate and a career as a Freelance Editor. What I know for sure is that all goals are possible when we have the courage to explore our threads. I am excited to report that Shelley Kassian, a life thread, is Re-Seeded!

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