The Ebony Queen Release

A note to my readers to advise that The Ebony Queen is soon to be released into the world. I’m really proud of this second book in the Odin Saga and I’ve worked diligently to polish her pages into 60-some thousand words of novel length fiction.

Prior to the day of publication, I’d like to thank all those who contributed to The Ebony Queen: friends, writing colleagues, professionals, and family who have supported this second book. She is almost live!

A special note of appreciation to:

  • Brenda Sinclair and Katie O’Connor: authors extraordinaire!
  • Karen Crosby, Senior Editor of Editarians who copyedited The Ebony Queen, taking the fantasy novel from good to great! I admired her skills so much, we’re actually revising The Scarlett Mark, too.
  • Meredith from BookStylings who patiently put up with me while we muddled through ten cover drafts and final formatting issues! I absolutely adore the final version and hope my readers do too.
  • My family and extended family. Oh my gosh, for listening to all the: “What do you think about this plot idea? Is it strange? Is it plausible and evil? Is it chilling?” Many of you purchased my first book. Thank you for your support!
  • My awesome readers: Jenn, Crystal, and especially Pat Hynes. He’s my champion, the reader who sits on my shoulder prompting the words to flow onto the page. The one who keeps begging: “When is that next book coming out?” For this kindness, I dedicate The Ebony Queen to him.

Now back to the publishing part because Pat is waiting! Watch for The Ebony Queen, book two in the Odin Saga. Soon to be released!


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